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Creation Science: A Study Guide to Creation

Creation Science
Creation Science
Item# BK-crea_sci


by Jill Whitlock, and Felice Gerwitz
K-12th grade
122 page paperback
Retail Price $18.95
ISBN 0-9700385-0-X

Creation Science is the first book in this educational series, which teaches the basics and provides fun activities to spur on even the most hesitant scientist!

Here at last a complete study guide to teach Creation Science! Completely re-edited with many pages added including lesson plans! This is written for all grade levels integrating all subjects. This includes outlines, activities, experiments, vocabulary, reading lists, math ideas, book reviews, reproducible sheets, and much more. This features a 31 page detailed teaching outline!


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Biblical creation science educational curriculum for Christian schools, homeschools, and Sunday schools developed by scientists and educators from ministries such as Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research, Creation Research Society, and Creation Ministries International.