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The Complete Creation Museum Adventure

The Complete Creation Museum Adventure
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The Complete Creation Museum Adventure

158 Pages Spiral Hardcover (2009)

Ages: 8 & up

ISBN: 9780890515389

Retail Price: $18.99

Just like the Creation Museum itself, The Complete Creation Museum Adventure takes kids of all ages on an exciting journey through biblical history. Unearth amazing facts about dinosaurs, the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, fossils, and much, much more! Travel along with young detectives Cody and Kayla, and discover clues along the way, as they search for answers to important questions about the Bible and the world around them.

This totally unique, top-quality book includes tons of full-color photos and fun illustrations, plus an adventure map, a Seven C’s timeline bookmark, Fact Finder cards, Creature Feature cards, Eyewitness cards, Challenge cards, Case Files/Devotionals, teacher guides, and reproducible activity sheets.

Join young discovers, Grant and Megan, as they search for and learn answers to important biblical questions and explore the world around them.

They discover:
• Man and dinosaurs once lived at the same time
• In the beginning, God created everything to be “very good”
• Death, disease and suffering were not part of the original creation
• God has a plan to restore His creation
• Each of us is designed with a purpose and a plan

Designed for on-the-go learning, the convenient activity kit can be removed and used during your museum or at-home activities. Explore your world and your faith and prepare to believe!

• Adventure map
• 7 creature feature cards
• 7 challenge cards
• 7 devotionals
• 14 reproducible activity sheets
• 7 fact-finder cards
• 7 eyewitness cards
• 7 case files
• 3 teacher guides