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Clash Over Origins: Creation vs Evolution

Clash Over Origins
Clash Over Origins
Item# VID-clash_origins


Dr Carl Wieland vs. Dr Mark Farmer
Length: 90 Mins
Audience: Semi-technical
English sub-titles

In this lively technical debate, Dr Mark Farmer (evolution) and Dr Carl Wieland (creation) face off to take different positions on the following question: Which is a better explanation for the origin, diversity, and history of life on earth: biblical creation or evolution?

About the Speaker
Carl Wieland, MB, BS, served as the Managing Director of Creation Ministries International (Australia) for 28 years and retired in 2015. He is also the founding editor of Creation magazine. Dr. Wieland began as an atheist, and later came to a saving understanding of God. In 1977, he founded the Creation Science Association in Australia. One year later, he founded Ex Nihilo, the journal that would later become TJ and finally Creation. In 1979-80 the CSA joined forces with another organization founded by Ken Ham and John Mackay. Wieland turned over control of Ex Nihilo over to the new CSF. In 1987 he became acting director of CSF and expanded it into other territories of the Commonwealth of Nations.