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The Chronology of the Old Testament

The Chronology of the Old Testament
The Chronology of the Old Testament
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by Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones
300 page hardcover and CD
ISBN: 9780890514160
Retail Price: $29.99

The Chronology of the Old Testament has one goal to accomplish: to demonstrate “that every chronological statement contained in the Sacred Writ is consistent with all other chronological statements contained there- in.” The author carefully and thoroughly investigates the chronological and mathematical facts of the Old Testament, proving them to be accurate and reliable.

This biblically sound, scholarly, and easy-to-understand book will enlighten and astound its readers with solutions and alternatives to many questions Bible scholars have had over the centuries. Were there 66, 70, or 75 “souls” in Egypt when Jacob arrived? Were the Hebrews in Egypt for 430 years, or a shorter length of time? How long did Jacob have to wait before marrying the first of Laban’s daughters, and how long did he wait for the second? What year was Christ born? With reliable explanatory text, charts, and diagrams, this book provides a systematic framework of the chronology of the Bible from Genesis through the life of Christ.

• Solution to the chronology of Judges
• Solution to Daniel 9:2, the 483- year prophecy
• Solution to the length of the Hebrews’ sojourn in Egypt
• Solution to the “number of souls” in Egypt when Jacob came there
• Chronology of the life of Christ
• Chronology of the kings of the divided monarchy
• 48 charts, graphs, and diagrams
• Fully indexed/ complete bibliography
• Major revision over previous editions with numerous additional documentation, reference, and 14 new technical appendixes serves as a owe fu apologetics tool for colleges and seminaries of Bible scholar should be without this indispensable reference title.

About the Author Following a 14-year professional career during which he held varying positions of responsibility as Paleontologist, Geophysicist, District Geophysicist, Geophysical Manager, and Regional Geophysicist with Texaco and Tenneco respectively, Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones was selected to attend Division Manager School shortly before resigning from his scientific vocation in 1974 to pursue Biblical studies. Having attained a Ph.D. as well as a Th.D., Dr. Jones has garnered majors in the disciplines of Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Theology, and Education from six institutions of higher learning. A magna cum laude graduate and an ex-evolutionist, he also possesses a minor in Physics and is an ordained Minister (SBC).

Dr. Jones twice served as adjunct Professor at Continental Bible College in Brussels, Belgium. Having authored a definitive work on bible chronology, he has also written several books on textual criticism in defense of the traditional biblical text. He is currently engaged in ongoing Biblical research and the teaching of God's infallible Word. He and his wife, as well as his children and grandchildren, reside in Texas.

Customer Reviews Honestly, this would be an invaluable resource for any bible student, scholar or home learning family. The Chronology of the Old Testament has over two hundred pages of intense, biblical chronology including various historical documentation, notations and charts. A priceless companion to Ussher's Annal's of the World, but make the addition of Adams Map of History along with a biblically based history curriculum, and you would have a serious, solid foundation for history ~ perfect for all ages. -- Declared Unto Him - Age:35-44 Gender:female


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