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The Cave Book (Wonders of Creation series)

The Cave Book
The Cave Book
Item# BK-cave_book


by Emil Silverstru
80 page hardcover.
ISBN: 9780890514962
Retail Price: $15.99
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Part of the Wonders of Creation book series.

Slip deep into the hidden wonders beneath the surface as cave expert Dr. Emil Silvestru takes you on an illuminating and educational journey through the mysterious world of caves. The newest title in our best-selling Wonders of Creation series, The Cave Book is a thorough exploration of the beautiful formations, thriving ecology, unique animals, and fragile balance of this ecosystem. Featured are sections on humans and caves, cave life, climates and classifications, with emphasis on cave exploring and cave photography. From the merely curious to the serious spelunker, this book is a captivating look at this unseen world.

About the Author:
Dr. Emil Silvestru is a prospecting and exploration geologist. He is a cave expert born in Transylvania, Romania where he began exploring caves at the age of 12. He is currently a writer, researcher, and speaker for Creation Ministries International.


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