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The Case of the Missing Mountain

The Case of the Missing Mountain
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The Case of the Missing Mountain

by Kim Jones
80 page paperback
ISBN: 9780890515938
Retail Price: $14.99

A mountain is missing and it’s your job to find out how it disappeared!

Kids, grab your caps and team up with rangers Jack and Jen to solve The Case of the Missing Mountain. Complete the puzzles, master the mazes, and secure the secret codes. Solve all eight mysteries to become an official Mystery Ranger. Your personalized badge & certificate are waiting!

This 80-page activity book for children teaches young earth creation concepts. Author Kim Jones formerly served as a guide at Mount St. Helen’s Seven Wonders Museum. She worked with many other experts to compile the facts for this title.


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Biblical Catastrophism
Catastrophism is the theory that massive catastrophes occurred in earth's past, substantially altering the Earth and its life via mountain uplift, rapid deposition, and mass extinctions. According to creation scientists, such an event did occur according to the Biblical account of the Global Flood in the time of Noah.

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