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Books on Creation Science and Apologetics

Books on Biblical creation science, apologetics, and the Christian worldview by scientists and educators from Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research, Creation Ministries International, Creation Research Society, and others.

365 Fascinating Facts From The World of Discovery
44 Animals of the Bible
A Is for Adam
Absotively, Posilutely Best Evidence for Creation
After Eden
After the Flood
Alien Intrusion
Already Compromised
Aready Gone
America's Lost Dream
An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects
Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum
The Answers Book for Kids
Answers Book 4 Teens - Vol 1
Answers Book 4 Teens - Vol 2
The Archaeology Book
Astronomy and the Bible
The New Astronomy Book
Aquarium Guide
The Beginning of the World
The Biblical Basis for Modern Science
Biblical Creationism
The Big Argument: Does God Exist?
Big Book of Earth & Sky
Big Book of History
Body by Design
Bones of Contention
Building Blocks in Life Science
Building Blocks in Science
Buried Alive
By Design
The Case for Christ
The Case for a Creator
The Case of the Missing Mountain
The Cave Book
Champions of Math
Champions of Invention
Champions of Science
Character For Life
Charles Darwin's Religious Views
Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure
Children's Illustrated Bible
Christianity for Skeptics
Chronicles of Dinosauria
The Chronology of the Old Testament
Coming to Grips with Genesis
Confound the Critics
The Creation Answers Book
Creation Astronomy
Creation Basics
Creation: Facts of Life
Creation Geology
Creation Science
The Creation Story for Children
Creation's Tiny Mystery
D Is for Dinosaur
The Dark Side of Charles Darwin
Darwin's Demise
Darwin's Enigma
Darwin's Doubt
Darwin on Trial
Darwin's Black Box
The Dawkins Delusion?
The Day the World Went Wacky
The Defender's Guide for Life's Toughest Questions
Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions - Volume 1
Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions - Volume 2
Design and Origins in Astronomy, Vol. 1
The Design Revolution
Destination Moon
Did God Use Evolution?
Dinky Dinosaur: Creation Days
Dinosaur Activity Book
Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries
Dinosaurs by Design
Dinosaurs for Kids
Dinosaurs of Eden
Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show
Discerning Truth
Discovery of Design
Dismantling The Big Bang
Don't Miss the Boat
Doubts About Darwin
Dry Bones and Other Fossils
Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs
Dragons of the Deep
The Earth
Dragons or Dinosaurs?
Earth's Catastrophic Past
The Ecology Book
The Electrifying Nervous System
Elements of Faith
The Emperors Who Had No Clothes
Evolution's Achilles' Heels
The Evidence for Creation
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis
Evolution Exposed: Biology
Evolution Exposed: Earth Science
Evolution Impossible
Evolution: The Grand Experiment
Exploring Geology with Mr Hibb
Exploring Planet Earth
Exploring the History of Medicine
Exploring The World of Astronomy
Exploring The World of Biology
Exploring the World of Chemistry
Exploring the World Around You
Exploring the World of Mathematics
Exploring the World of Physics
Exposing Progressive Creation
Faith of Our Founding Fathers
The Fall of Satan
The Family Illustrated Bible
Flood by Design
Flood Legends
The Flood of Noah
For You They Signed
Forces & Motion
The Fossil Book
The Fossil Record
Footprints in the Ash
For Time and Forever
Frozen in Time
Galápagos Islands: A Different View
Generation Why?
The Genesis Files
The Genesis Factor
Genesis of a Legacy
Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome
The Genius of Ancient Man
The Geology Book
Geology By Design
Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land
The Global Flood
Global Warming and the Creator's Plan
God made the World & Me
The God Who is Real
Grand Canyon: A Different View
Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe
The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!
Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure
The Great Turning Point
The Greatest Hoax on Earth?
The Hand that Paints the Sky
Heat & Energy
The Henry Morris Study Bible
The Henry Morris Study Bible - Leather Edtion
How Do We Know the Bible is True? (Volume 1)
How Do We Know the Bible is True? (Volume 2)
How Life Began
How Majestic Is Thy Name
The Human Body
Ideas With Water
Ideas for a Windy Day
If Animals Could Talk
Illustrated Family Bible Stories
In God We Trust
In Six Days
In the Beginning Was Information
In the Days of Noah
Inspired Evidence
Intelligent Design Uncensored
Inventions & Technology
Is the Big Bang Biblical?
It All Begins with Genesis
It's Designed to Do What It Does Do
Journey Through the Creation Museum
The Lie: Evolution
Life in the Great Ice Age
Life Before Birth
Living Fossils
The Long War Against God
The Lost World Adventures
Machines & Motion
Made in Heaven
Made in His Image
Many Infallible Proofs
Breathtaking Birds
Magnificent Mammals
Sensational Sea Creatures
The Mineral Book
The Missoula Flood Controversy: And the Genesis FloodMuseum Guide
My Creation Bible
My Take-Along Bible
N is for Noah
The New Answers Book 1
The New Answers Book 2
The New Answers Book 3
The New Answers Book 4
Newton's Revised History of Ancient Kingdoms
Noah, Didn't It Rain?
Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure
Noah's Ark and the Great Flood
Noah's Ark, Noah's Flood
Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box
Not by Chance!
The Not So Super Skyscraper
Not Too Small at All: A Mouse Tale
The Ocean Book
Old-Earth Creationism on Trial: The Verdict is In
On the Seventh Day
One Race One Blood
Our Created Moon
Our Planet Earth
Our Universe
Our Weather and Water
Over the Edge
Persuaded by the Evidence
The Privileged Planet
Properties of Atoms and Molecules
Properties of Matter
Quest for Discovery
Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth
Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth, Volume II
The Really Big Barn on Noah's Farm
Refuting Compromise
Refuting Evolution
Refuting Evolution 2
The Remarkable Journey of Jonah
The Remarkable Record of Job
Remote Control
Rock Solid Answers
Science & the Bible
Scopes: Creation On Trial
Secrets of the Sixth Edition
Signature in the Cell
Six Days
The Six Days of Genesis
Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky
Starlight and Time
Starlight, Time and the New Physics
Stars and Their Purpose
Take a Trip on the Silver Ship: Great Creatures
Take a Trip on the Silver Ship: Undersea Journey
Take Back the Land
Taking Back Astronomy
That Their Words May Be Used Against Them
Thinking God's Thoughts After Him
Thousands. . . Not Billions
Timothy Whale’s Rainbow
Tornado in a Junkyard
The Tower of Babel
Tower of Babel
The True Account of Adam and Eve
The True Story of Noah's Ark
The Truth About Creation & EvolutionThe Ultimate Proof of Creation
Understanding the Pattern of Life
Unformed and Unfilled
Universe by Design
Uncovering the Mysterious Woolly Mammoth
Unveiling the Kings of Israel
Unwrapping the Pharaohs
Vanishing Proofs of EvolutionWar of the World Views
The Weather Book
Whale of a Story
What is Creation Science?
What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
What’s So Hot about the Sun?
What’s So Striking About Lightning?
When Christians Roamed the Earth
When Dragon's Hearts Were Good
Why Won't They Listen?
Witness to This Generation
The Wonder of It All
The World of Plants
The World of Animals
The World of Animals
The World of Science
The Young Earth
Your Guide to the Grand Canyon
Your Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
Your Guide to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks
You've Decided to Homeschool, Now What?
Zoo Guide
The Electrifying Nervous System
Evolution's Achilles' Heels