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Bones of Contention

Bones of Contention
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Bones of Contention: A Creationist Assessment of Human Fossils

By Marvin Lubenow.
Published 2004
400 page paperback

The most thorough examination of all the supposed pre-human fossils that has been published, with thorough refutation of all evolutionary inferences that have been drawn from them. Lubenow is both a scientist and a theologian. The book contains 11 charts, 4 illustrations, and extensive documentation.

Find out what evolutionists donít tell you about human fossils. The author gives you the results of his 35 years of fossil research, and shows without doubt that so-called human evolution is a myth. Easy to read and well documented.

Review, Jon A. Covey: What Lubenow has done, in addition to providing some splendid arguments which expose the weaknesses of evolutionary assumptions and explanations for both alleged human evolution and evolution in general, is give thorough discussions on the actual fossil specimens with their official designations, their putative ages, and their classification according to evolutionists. The array is so complete that once you have seen the detailed fossil time charts of the many alleged human evolutionary ancestors Homo erectus, Homo habilis, Homo sapiens (both ancient and modern), and Australopithecus, you will be able to defend solidly the position that we have no evolutionary ancestors.


Fossils and Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs are a diverse group of extinct reptiles best known for the varieties that reached enormous sizes. They included both carnivores (meat eaters), such as the monstrous Allosaurs that reached 40 ft in length, as well as herbivores (plant eaters) like Diplodocus that may have exceeded 115 ft. The name "dinosaur" means terrible lizard, which was coined in 1842 by the creationist paleontologist Richard Owen from the Greek words deinos ("terrible") and sauros ("lizard"). Dinosaurs are found in abundance in the fossil record due to the size and durability of their bones. Most creation scientist interpret the existence of such fossils to mean that the organisms were alive at the time of the global flood, which is described in the Biblical book of Genesis. Furthermore because the text says that all land animals were placed on Noah's ark, if correct the dinosaur was also included in their number, and became extinct very recently.

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