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The Bible Explorer Series

The Bible Explorer Series
Item# VID-Bible_explorer


The Bible Explorer Series (3-DVD Set)

• Format: Region 1 (Playable in North America), NTSC
• Color, Widescreen, Dolby
• Box Set, 3-DVD Set
- Search for Noah's Ark
- Search for Mt. Sinai
- Search for the Ark of the Covenant
• Running Time: Approximately 180 Minutes
• Language: English
• Directors: Gregory Flessing, Steve Greisen, John Schmidt

Bob Cornuke is a biblical investigator and real life Indiana Jones who has participated in over twenty expeditions around the world searching for lost locations described in the Bible. Join him on these exciting adventures that use the Bible as a road map for uncovering its ancient mysteries and support God's Word with archaeological evidence.

The Bible Explorer Series includes three DVDs that may also be purchased separately. These family documentaries travel with Cornuke as he relentlessly searches to discover the remains of Noah's ark, seeks to solve the mystery of the Ark of the Covenant, and risks incredible danger to explore Mt. Sinai, the holy mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Search for Noah's Ark: Ever since embarking on his first expedition to Mt. Ararat, Bob Cornuke, has had a passion shared by only a select group of explorers. In Search for Noah's Ark: The Lost Mountains of Noah, follow Cornuke as he brings this adventure to life and tries to be the one who makes the greatest archeological discovery in human history - finding the remains of Noah's ark. As part of the Bible Explores Series, this Dove Family approved documentary travels an exciting adventure, using the Bible as a road map for uncovering its ancient mysteries.

In Search for Mt. Sinai: explorers Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams take an incredible expedition into the blistering heat of the deserts of Saudi Arabia to investigate what many scholars believe to be one of the greatest discoveries in history… the real Mt. Sinai, the holy mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments. Epic myth becomes burning truth, as this video journey reveals incredible footage of the ancient camp of the Israelites.

Search for the Ark of the Covenant: The fate of the lost Ark of the Covenant is perhaps the greatest historical mystery of all time. In this episode, biblical investigator, Bob Cornuke, searches around the globe in hopes of discovering this important relic from the Bible. With footage from Israel, Egypt, Ethiopia, and England, this DVD reveals startling new information as to the exact location of the ark and includes photographic evidence never before seen by the world. As part of the Bible Explorer Series, this intriguing and informative documentary follows Cornuke on one of his most exciting adventures. Be amazed as this series helps support God's Word with modern archaeological evidence.


Search for Noah's Ark
Search for the Ark of the Covenant
Search for Mt.Sinai
Biblical Archaeology
Biblical Archaeology is an important creation science discipline that substantiates the Bible as a valid historical document, and the Biblical chronology as accurate time-line. Each year new discoveries are made, and creationists are encouraged to keep themselves informed of progress in this field.

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