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The Biblical Basis for Modern Science

The Biblical Basis for Modern Science
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by Henry Morris
300 page paperback
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The Bible is not just a book of theology. It touches every aspect of life — including science. This books is one of Morris's greatest works, The Biblical Basis for Modern Science shows conclusively that the Bible is correct where it touches upon science. This remarkable defense of the Bible allows the careful reader to see that evolutionary science is nothing more than a world view with no foundation. Rather, the accuracy of the biblical records is a marvelous testimony to its divine source.

• A revision of one of the classic defenses of the Christian faith
• Contains many evidences that the Bible is scientifically accurate
• Written specifically for science-minded students
• Wide-ranging subjects, from astronomy to the origins of man

About the Authors
Henry Morris, Ph.D., (deceased) was a prolific and influential scholar known to believers and skeptics alike as “the father of modern creation science,” Dr. Henry M. Morris truly was a man of science and a staunch man of God. He was even said to have set the terms of debate about evolution for the second half of the 20th century by one Pulitzer Prize-winning academician. Dr. Morris began his serious study of the Bible in the 1930s and authoring books in the 1940s, but it was his landmark work, co-authored with Dr. John Whitcomb, titled The Genesis Flood in 1961 that influenced generations to begin discovering the fallacies of evolution and the biblical truth of creation.