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Artistry in Creation (Book Set)

Artistry in Creation
Artistry in Creation
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Photography by Steve Halliday

The Art in Creation set is an extraordinary gift collection offered at a 20% savings. Color, composition, and cleverness combine to make these artistic books with a creation theme some of the most beautiful projects ever produced in book form.


The Hand that Paints the Sky

This magnificent book is full of majestic photography, impressive scenes of sunsets, sunrises, seasons, and other natural imagery. The unique photos border on the surreal as the pictures are partial photographs that blend and melt into watercolor images. The bright and sassy colors spill from every page, mixing the real with the imagined. Itís hard to describe this book with mere words. The beautiful photography and illustrations are enhanced by verses and Bible quotations emphasizing the creative hand of God. The stunning visual style of this work of art will literally take your breath away as you travel page by page through this magical wonderland.


How Majestic Is Thy Name

Combining the most astounding photography with the most terrific information and the most marvelous scripture, this is one of the finest and most elaborate gift books. In the same vein as The Wonder of It All with its awesome photography, How Majestic Is Thy Name soars beyond by adding exciting facts about Godís wondrous and amazing creation around us. From the tallest mountains, into the depths of the oceans, to a delicate, frosty leaf on an utterly still morning in autumn, the power and majesty of God are seen as never before in this breathtaking new book.

ē Gold Medallion Winner for 2002


The Wonder of It All

The Wonder of it All tells the compelling story of creation through Godís conversation with Job and stunning photography from award-winning nature photographer Steve Terrill. Drawn directly from the text of Job with commentary by creation scholars, Henry Morris and Ken Ham, this volume makes a wonderful addition to any home library. Beautifully reproduced photography draws in even the youngest of readers.

ē Gold Medallion Winner