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Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use

Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use
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Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use

by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
Published 2005
49 minutes

In this candid presentation before an international conference of nearly 600 creationist speakers and writers, scientist Dr. Jonathan Sarfati reveals the out-of-date, faulty and downright “flaky evidences” that reputable creationists must avoid. In his trademark style, Sarfati challenges some of the most-loved arguments of modern creationists. Bottom line: hold “facts” loosely and focus intensely on God’s written Word as the absolute guide to evidence interpretations!

You get succinct explanations and warnings regarding:
• Archaeopteryx—the transitional bird
• Darwin’s deathbed recantation
• The New Zealand plesiosaur
• Solar neutrinos
• The archeological claims of the late Ron Wyatt
• Moon dust
• NASA’s finding of Joshua’s long day
• Hezekiah’s sun dial
• The origination of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
• Micro-evolution
• Wingless beetles

Discover how to avoid or overcome:
• Scientific fallacies
• Outdated arguments
• Universal statements

About the Author:
Dr Jonathan D. Sarfati is a renowned creationist, physical chemist, spectroscopist, and chess master. He is most famous for taking an uncompromising stance on the origins of the universe, the earth, and life, and defending Scripture in a straightforward manner against any attempt to "reconcile" it with "scientific data" that contradict it. Since 1996 he has been employed as a research scientist and editorial consultant for Creation Ministries International. He was born in Ararat, Australia in 1964. He moved to New Zealand as a child and received his early education there. He graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry with two physics papers substituted, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry, based on his thesis: A Spectroscopic Study of some Chalcogenide Ring and Cage Molecules. He has also had papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals including co-authoring in the journal Nature on high-temperature superconductors in 1987.


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