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Aquarium Guide: A Bible-based Handbook to the Aquarium

Aquarium Guide
Aquarium Guide
Item# BK-aqu_guide


Aquarium Guide

220 page spiral-bound softcover
Retail Price: $12.99
publisher: Answers in Genesis
published: 2010

Make your next visit to the aquarium more than just entertainingómake it factual and fascinating too!

With aquariums around the world using God's amazing creatures to teach evolution, Christians need information that gives them biblical truth. Don't make your trip to the aquarium without it.

From the odd-shaped hammerhead shark and the powerful killer whale, to the colorful angelfish and the deadly lionfish, the Aquarium Guide covers more than 100 of Godís sea creatures and gives information about their features, their design, and much more. This spiral-bound book makes finding the truth about these animals easy. Donít make your trip to the aquarium without it.

With fun facts about more than 100 animals, this long-awaited Aquarium Guide includes beautiful pictures and reveals the incredible facts and design features that point to our amazing Creator. This handy size guide is excellent for school field trips and family trips to your favorite aquarium!

This Aquarium Guide provides all ages with Bible-based information that refutes the evolutionary interpretation you see at the aquarium. The animals we see at the aquarium are amazing testaments to God's handiwork. The Aquarium Guide provides the correct perspective on these marvelous creatures. This spiral-bound book makes finding the truth about these animals easy. Donít make your trip to the aquarium without it.


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