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Aliens, UFO’s and the Bible: Are We Alone in the Universe?

Aliens, UFO’s and the Bible
Aliens, UFO’s and the Bible
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Seminar by Gary Bates (2004)
65 minutes (High School–Adult)

Every day there are hundreds of UFO sightings. Are they alien spacecraft as many people believe? What do we really know about this intriguing phenomenon? This illustrated lecture is a great overview of this baffling mystery.

In this fascinating new video featuring UFO authority Gary Bates, you’ll finally get answers from observational science and the Bible. This illustrated lecture addresses the most important topics on this exciting subject and is a perfect conversation starter. Order extras and give them away to help refute the misinformation that is so prominent in the world (and the church!) today.

About the speaker: Like many, Gary had difficulty in reconciling the so-called “facts” of evolution with the Bible—but not anymore. His passion has seen him become a popular speaker, particularly in his specialist topic of the UFO phenomenon and its “evolution connection.” Although his research has revealed many bizarre claims, he recognizes that UFO beliefs are rapidly escalating in society and are challenging Christianity.


Alien Intrusion (book by Gary Bates)
Creation Astronomy
Creation Astronomy explains stellar phenomena and the contents of the Universe (from the level of elementary particles to the largest superclusters of galaxies) using the presupposition that the cosmos was created by God.

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