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Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection

Alien Intrusion
Alien Intrusion
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by Gary Bates
380 page paperback
ISBN 0890514356
Retail Price $15.00

Alien Intrusion is one of the most comprehensive looks at UFOs from a faith perspective.

When actor Richard Dreyfus gazed up into the heavens during the hit film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” audiences looked with him, in rapt attention. “Alien” encounters cropped up like, well, crop circles. More films were released. Books detailed alleged “abductions.” NASA funded SETI, an effort to make contact with civilizations from other worlds.

But is all this valid? Are there really alien civilizations in our vast universe? In Alien Intrusion, Gary Bates gives a thorough examination of this fascinating subject. What is behind the numerous sightings from around the world? Does the U.S. government have evidence of alien craft? Can we hope to make contact in our lifetime?

This invaluable book will help Christians understand the issues, and be able to intelligently answer questions and engage in dialogue with a culture sure that we are being watched from space.

• What happened at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?
• What is Area 51?
• What is the government hiding from us? Have they captured aliens or . ying saucers?
• Can you believe that nearly four million people have been abducted?
• What does Hollywood have to do with alien sightings?
• Should we be afraid of visitors from other solar systems?


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