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After Eden: Understanding Creation, the Curse, and the Cross

After Eden
After Eden
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After Eden

by Henry Morris III, John Morris, Henry M. Morris
216 page paperback (2003)
ISBN: 0-89051-402-X

Understand why believing that there was no death before Adam is fundamental to our faith!

As compromising theories like progressive creationism have grown in popularity, certain teachers have attempted to relegate the literal words of Genesis to a subordinate role under more contemporary theories of origins. This book was written in response to the alarming trend of false teaching on the foundational doctrine of creation. Henry Morris III has written this treatise to the church as a clarion call to stand firm against false teachers and compromising doctrines.

About the Author
Henry Morris, Ph.D., (deceased) earned the title, The Father of Modern Creationism, through his numerous writings about the creation/evolution debate. He was a respected scientist and author, and the founder of the Institute for Creation Research.