The Creation Science Store offers a wide variety of educational books, videos, audio disks, and curriculum. Our goal in making these materials available is to encourage the Church to trust in the Bible as authoritative on early Earth history, and defend their faith against the false teachings of naturalism.

We are a not-for-profit outreach mission. All proceeds from sales are used to fund our creation educational activities, including the server fees for the CreationWiki encyclopedia, and our conference or other programs in the Northwest USA.

More than 300 titles are available, which range from introductory apologetics to materials suitable for extensive research projects in creation science.

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New Titles

Chinese Intelligent Design Set
Regular price: $29.99
Sale price: $22.49
The Design of Life
The American Heritage Collection
Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries
Remote Control
Six Days
Darwin's Doubt
Galápagos Islands: A Different View
The New Answers Book 4
Evolution vs. God
Christianity for Skeptics
The Emperors Who Had No Clothes
Inspired Evidence
Don't Miss the Boat
Exploring The World of Astronomy
N is for Noah
Flight: The Genius of Birds
Ultimate Apologetics
Regular price: $51.96
Sale price: $35.99
The Global Flood
The Ecology Book
Chronicles of Dinosauria
Tower of Babel
The Tower of Babel
Kids’ Most-asked Questions
Science Confirms The Bible: Ken Ham Speaks to Teens
Swamp Man!
I Dig Dinosaurs!
A Question of Age
Explore Mt. St. Helens with Noah Justice
Dragons or Dinosaurs?
Mount St. Helens: Modern Day Evidence for the World Wide Flood
The Genius of Ancient Man
Made in Heaven
The True Account of Adam and Eve
The Dawkins Delusion?
Our Created Stars and Galaxies
Seattle Creation Conference 2011
The Henry Morris Study Bible
Set in Stone
Your Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
Living Fossils
The Evolution of Darwin
Already Compromised
Cosmos: Created & Young!
Geology: A Biblical Viewpoint on the Age of the Earth
The Bible Explorer Series
The Intelligent Design Collection
Dragons or Dinosaurs?
The Fossil Record